Rxzone Inc., is a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler in New York, USA.


• The following Customers are eligible to purchase vaccine and other products directly from Rxzone, including but not limited to licensed wholesalers and physician distributors (collectively hereinafter “distributors”); State and local government entities; physicians and nurse practitioners in private practice; hospitals, clinics and contract Customers, long-term care facilities, pharmacies. You must be located or have a license to purchase medications in the states of New York for both wholesale and retail orders. In the states of Pensylvania, Florida, and New Jersey to purchase medications retail orders must provide prescriptions.

• If you are purchasing prescription medication(s) by clicking on the “Place Order” button, you hereby acknowledge that you either possess a valid prescription(s) written by a legally authorized U.S. licensed prescriber that you will forward to our pharmacy’s physical address, have a valid prescription(s) on file with another U.S. licensed pharmacy that can be legally transferred to our pharmacy, or have a reasonable expectation that your legally authorized U.S. licensed prescriber will provide Rxzone with a valid prescription(s) for the medication(s) that you are purchasing.

• At the discretion of Rxzone, if you or your legally authorized U.S. licensed prescriber fail to provide Rxzone with a valid prescription for any prescription medication that you have purchased from Rxzone, your order will be subject to non-refundable processing fee in the amount of 6% of the purchase price but not less than $5.00. If your order cannot be processed for any reason after 45 days from purchase, it will be closed.

• It is unlawful to attempt to obtain a prescription medication without you or your prescriber submitting a valid prescription to your pharmacy.  Rxzone will not dispense any prescription medication without a valid prescription. We also take fraudulent prescriptions very seriously and we will help ensure any person(s) involved with a fraudulent prescription are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

• Prescriptions must originate from an actively licensed prescriber who is in good standing within the United States. Based on the patient, prescriber, and state-to-state laws and regulations, Rxzone reserves the right to refuse service to any customer and/or for any medication.

If this is an emergency or you need urgent fulfillment, we strongly advise that you fill your order at a local pharmacy.

By clicking on the “Place Order” button, you hereby acknowledge and accept these terms regarding the purchase of any prescription medication.